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Copy and words for the web 2010-07-07
A LinkedIN GROUP brings up the subject I see as the main challenge for websites and any kind of digital marketing today - the words and the copy. Perfect!
Being a copywriter in all diciplines, I have seen how writing sales and information copy for the digital channels have been delegated. From trained and professional copywriters to, first, the technical staff, because they did the programming. Then the writing or "text/content production" was transferred in house to some poor marketing coordinator who has neither trained nor experienced in written sales. This person also often has the responsibility to get "text/content" from the various product departments and groups. In the product department the production of content has very low priority but they have to deliver. The company´s combined result is often very strange, because nobody have the responsibility for the quality and the style of the copy. Their only ambition is to fill the space they have been given by the computer people with words - of almost any kind. Emerging is a new group of specialists, the web writers and editors. Very few of these "writers" would have dared to write copy for a e.g print ad. Why that should be any different is difficult to understand. Maybe because it is so easy to change web copy, so easy to publish and there is so much of it. A new breed of writing people has emerged, the web writers. Usually people who "love" to write, but have little or no experience in communications, sales, creative techniques etc.
It seems that no one is thinking of the fact that every word is written for someone to read, someone who should be moved, want more information, to take action - and at last - to buy something!
My solution is to - from the very start - have a team of people that have these combined expertises. A copywriter (who of course know about keywords etc., which is not brain surgery) , a designer/art director, a technical person (part of the new creativity) - and a person who is creatively responsible for the whole project. When having established the e.g. website, you can start delegating, also in house - from a communications and sales standpoint - the different tasks. Of course - it costs money, but again, if you invest millions in the technology, it is not the technology which do the actual selling and communications and moving of products. Words sell. Words move. Words are the core of all kinds of digital marketing.