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Cannes Lions, a success in 2010 - and a new Lion for 2011: Lion for the most effective campaign 2010-07-11
Terry Savage was for many years the CEO of Cannes Lions. He is now chairman of the IAF (International Advertising Festivals), the company which owns the Cannes Lions, the EuroBest, the Dubai Lynx and Spikes Asia.
- We have had an increase of 24% this year, which gives us about 7-8.000 participants. This makes 2010 a really good year also with the 7% increase in submitted work - in all categories. We are without comparison the most important meeting place for all who works with communications. That started a few years ago when we included new categories of lions; Direct, PR, cyber, all are now part of the festival. With all the new categories launched the last years, we have gone from being an general advertising festival to be a communications festival with our heart in creativity.
- This festival is now a reflection of the communications business, if you like. Today, there are increasingly higher demands on ROI for invested money in marketing. We will follow up this with a new category in 2011, a Gold Lion for the most effective campaign.
- How will the criteria for this be, when you look at the creative profile of the festival in general?
- Our solution is that the jobs participating in the efficiency category in 2011, must have been on the shortlist in a category this year, ie in 2010. In this way we will ensure the combination of creativity and effectiveness. We believe that this can be a good solution.
What are the trends you see in the year compared to previous years? - It is the incredible commitment from those who come to Cannes now. It is not longer party-party week, but people get up early and filling up seminars and workshops, learn and share their experience. There is a whole new feel.
- What do you think about future developments?
- It is obviously more pressure on ROI - hence our new category. And - very important now of course, content creation will have a much greater focus with the social media and the digital marketing that will continue to grow.
We are already looking forward to next year.